Man was made to communicate. 

It's second nature. Cradle to grave it happens at every stage of life. Words, sounds, visuals, music, touch....they connect us all together in daily life. Tapestries of messages are at the very core of our relationships, experiences, decisions, journeys...all held together by our ability to communicate. For most, we become adequate...even very good...communicators.

A handful learn to excel.

Joel Weldon has developed a rare ability to use modern tools to create and deliver effective messages. Producer, Performer, Voiceover Artist, Speaker, Composer, Worship Minister, Director, Trainer, Consultant, Writer...many hats, worn very comfortably.

His credits are deep and wide.

They fill a remarkable resume that spans 3 decades. This site is an entry point into an online tour of his work. Explore his talents from here. And if any of his hats looks good to you, give us a call and try one on.

 JoelWeldonVoices.com    JoelWeldonMusic.com    O2Worship.com